The Valentine Treehouse

Composer. Vocalist. Improviser

Her distinguishable, strong, unforced, pure and contemporary voice blends so well with music of today and she is capable of integrating the organic and jazzy singing style of vocalists in the history of jazz with her unique originality. I feel strongly that her voice is the voice of today.
— Tiger Okoshi
 Gaia Wilmer Photography

Gaia Wilmer Photography

Valentine possesses a beautiful, flexible voice that can negotiate the most difficult lines with ease but also has a strong appreciation for the lyric and telling a story
— Lisa Thorson

Valentine Komissarouk has always been ahead of her time. At age 2, she was playing piano. By 6, she was singing complex harmonies in choir. By 10, after an extensive Google expedition, she was set on coming to Berklee College of Music. At 17, she was accepted with scholarship.

Born to Ukrainian immigrants in Israel, she quickly became adept at mixing traditions to create her own unique voice. She quickly became a staple in the Classical, R&B, and Russian music scenes of Israel, even appearing on the Voice of Israel, but she never felt able to express herself as a whole through the music she was performing. When she discovered jazz, something clicked and she knew she had to pursue this unique melting pot tradition.



Although Valentine lacked improvisational skill at first, through study with luminaries such as Ed Saindon, Tiger Okoshi, Lisa Thorson, Hal Crook, Terence Blanchard, and others, she was able to develop a personal style deeply rooted in both the traditions she had pursued in Israel, and the jazz genre she fell in love with. She quickly became one of the most sought after vocalists at Berklee-singing with giants such as Toninho Horta, Kenny Werner, Vadim Neselovskyi, and Tiger Okoshi, as well as participating in a Zildjian-sponsored video. She reached such a level that she was even awarded the largest vocal scholarship at Berklee-the Sylvia M Zunz scholarship. She is also a composer and bandleader in her own right, with performances in venues such as Ryles, the Berklee Performance Center, and the Outpost in Boston, as well as New York dates in places like the Metropolitan Room, Silvana, and the Drummer’s Collective.

Today, Valentine is studying Jazz Composition and Performance at Berklee College of Music while also gigging, composing, and teaching in the Greater Boston Area and New York.