The Valentine Treehouse

Composer. Vocalist. Improviser

Gaia Wilmer Photography

Gaia Wilmer Photography

Valentine is an adventurous composer and vocalist from Ukraine and Israel. 

After becoming inspired by her mother’s passion and love for Bach, she began her piano studies at age 3. As a child, she also participated in numerous choirs, including the prestigious Liron Choir, with which she won a gold medal at the Graz Choir Olympics and performed at the Israeli Knesset in front of French President Nicolas Sarcozy.

    After becoming more seriously involved with the classical vocal scene in Israel, Valentine won multiple merit based scholarships to study Voice, Music Theory and Solfege at the Netanya Conservatory. Along with her classical focus, she also became increasingly interested in American Jazz and Soul music.

    By age 17 she had attended 3 Berklee summer programs on a full scholarship, studied with former Motown background vocalist Elisheva Bat Israel, and had her arrangement performed by an a cappella group led by the Siwngle Singers’ Kevin Fox. She also became an integral part of Israel’s jazz scene, playing with luminaries such as Leonid Ptashka, Robert Anchipolovski, Roman Arye and her mentor Elisheva Bat Israel at the historic Latrun Monastery, White Night, Mike’s Place, and other venues and events around Israel. 


After receiving multiple scholarships, including the Sylvia M. Zunz Endowed Scholarship, Valentine began her studies at Berklee College of Music in the Jazz Composition and Vocal Performance departments. There, she has been guided by mentors Peter Eldridge, Lisa Thorson, Tiger Okoshi, Terence Blanchard, and Ed Saindon.

    Now, she tours the American Northeast with the Valentine Quintet: a modern jazz quintet which consists of some of the most promising and diverse young talent today. The quintet includes Valentine as the primary composer and vocalist, Ryan Fedak on Vibraphone, Lior Tzemah on Guitar, James Heazlewood Dale on Electric and Acoustic Bass, and Juan Mejia on Drums and Percussion.